What is literature theory?

Literature theory is a school of academia in which all types of media are discussed in relation to what categories they fall into. Story telling devices, such as the hero’s journey, modern belief systems, such as feminism, and psychological patterns, such as the id, ego, and superego, all fall underneath the blanket of literature theory.

Why would I want to learn about literature theory?

Anyone educated in literature theory is equipped to go deeper into each and every story they come across. If you find yourself seeing the same thing over and over again in media, then literature theory can give you a refreshing point of view. If you enjoy writing stories, knowledge of literature theory can

Do I have to read books to enjoy this club?

Not necessarily. Literature theory implies books, but it also can be utilized when listening to music, viewing films, and watching television. When picking group discussion materials, it will be kept in mind that many of us don’t have the time (or desire) to read a book every week.