Meeting Recap: Introduction!

The first meeting of Lit Theory Club was a success!

What we did:

  • Appointed our first officer! Congratulations Elise Canouse, our Secretary of Snacks! As Secretary of Snacks, it is Elise’s responsibility to bring snacks to meetings.
  • Talked about Lit Theory, and how it is a group of “lenses” to view literature through
  • Got to know each other through this survey.
  • Chose a rough outline for our club
  • Decided that the club would be best served if it began at 3:45 as opposed to 4:00, because people don’t know how to fill the 30 minutes after school. If you still don’t have any plans for the 15 minutes between the meeting and the final bell, you can come early to 2229 to chill before the meeting officially starts.
  • Created a GroupMe
  • Picked our first focus!

It is… Drum roll please…


That’s right! We’re going to be talking Freud, mental illness in literature, and Lacan, “although he’s a little intense.”

So to prepare for next week’s meeting, you can read “The Yellow Wall Paper“by Charlotte Perkins Gilpin, and bring five dollars to contribute to the snack fund! In addition, we are still looking for movies, books, tv shows, music, art and short stories that fall within the psychoanalysis theme to talk about while this is our focus, so if you have any ideas, please write them down, or put them in the GroupMe, so we can decide on them at the next week.

See you next Tuesday!



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